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Beauty Review: St Moriz Instant Self Tan Mousse

Last weekend, I wrote about my take on Instant vs Gradual vs Full-on fake tans. This week, I’m reviewing St Moriz’s Instant Self Tan Mousse which brings all three together.

Now, until I tried this mousse, my new favourite tan had been St Tropez’s Wash Off Instant Self Tan Mousse (you can read my review here). Until I tried this mousse. 

St Moriz’s Instant Self Tan Mousse works like St Tropez’s mousse, in that it instantly gives some sun-kissed colour to my legs when I apply it. But, unlike the St Tropez mousse, when it washes off when I shower, it leaves me with a lovely sun-kissed shade rather than the usual bare white colour. Granted, the colour is not perhaps as deep as some might like but being so completely scared by fake tans in general, this is a good things for me. It also allows for a build-up of colour, so you can apply again the next day, or leave it a day or two, depending on the depth of colour you desire. There is also now the St Moriz Instant Self Tan Dark Mousse which the lovely people at St Moriz kindly sent to me when they heard I had been converted. The Dark Mousse gives a deeper colour with just one application.

The brilliant thing about this tan is that you can apply in the morning, wait for it to dry, dress and look sun-kissed instantly. It smells like a lovely and light moisturiser when first applied and smells no different throughout the day.

St Moriz Instant Self Tan Dark Mousse: right leg (on the left!) with tan and left leg (on the right) without

Again, I would highly recommend using a tanning application mitt. For more tips on how to achieve a great self tan, check out my How to… fake tan post.

The lovely people at St Moriz also sent me their self tan lotion and bronzing powder to try out. I haven’t managed to try either yet but will report back soon. Watch this space!

Best of all, the St Moriz Instant Self Tan Mousse is dirt CHEAP! I found mine in my local Savers store for £2.99 and on Amazon for just over £3 for a bottle.

Have you tried St Moriz’s Instant Self Tan Mousse? Which fake tan do you swear by?

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Friend Friday #49: dreaming dreams

Source: weheartit

Of this week’s Friend Friday topic Katy says:

“I have been overwhelming inspired by two separate blog posts I read in which the blogger quit their day job and has started on the path to self-employment doing what she loves to do. If you haven’t read Sally from Already Pretty’s post on this rush over and do it now. And then to top it all off my younger sister has decided to quit her job and start her own business. So that got me thinking… we all have dreams, goals, aspirations. Putting them down on paper is often the first step to realizing those dreams.”

Source: weheartit

1. Fess up – if you could do anything professionally what would it be?

I always always wanted to be a political correspondent. I guess I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity now, if it came along. But the dream has now turned into one of doing some freelance jouralism. It is a more attainable dream and one that I would enjoy a whole lot.

2. What draws you to this?

I love to write. It is one of the reasons I took a Masters degree, one of the reasons I’ve been thinking about enrolling for a PhD and one of the reasons I write this blog.

3. When did you first start dreaming about this ideal?

Well, the original idea, a long looooong time ago. But it has morphed more recently.

4. What’s holding you back from going all in?

Money and a lack of knowing where to really start.

5. Sometimes the first step is the hardest… what’s one step you can take now on the way to realizing your dream?

Start pitching to other blogs and magazines for some experience and to start building my writing portfolio. Any other suggestions anyone?

To see everyone else’s dreams this week, go straight over to ModlyChic. And if you’d like to be involved in the Friend Friday project, you can check out all of the details here.

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BARGAIN OF THE DAY: Asos Leather Over-sized Day Clutch

You might remember my recent outfit post which featured my gorgoeus new over-sized clutch from Asos – my latest bargain find? Well, here is another such leather over-sized clutch from Asos – on sale for less than half price!!

Large over-sized day clutches are everywhere for autumn/winter 2011 and this one will be perfect for the trend. Just the right size for carrying notebooks and pens to lectures if you’re off to uni in September – and the perfect celebratory gift to yourself on result’s day! (Or forward the link to a proud mum/dad/boyfriend/sibling/grandparent/anyone who might care!!)
By the way, there is currently an extra 10% off all sale items on Asos – just enter the code EXTRATEN at the checkout to get it.
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How to… shop successfully online – to avoid disappointment


Buy from Asos. Seriously, my number one tip for shopping online is to buy from Asos as often as possible. Why? Free delivery. Free returns. Fast service. Fast response time. Friendly twitter account. Accept ALL major credit cards (including my American Express that many don’t seem to) AND Paypal (great for when you’ve been selling on eBay and want to use your spoils to treat yourself!).

In the interests of transparency, I’ll confirm now – at no point have I been paid to write a glowing review of Asos or offered anything in return for this post – this is seriously just how I feel.*

Many great high street brands are now stocked on Asos – like Mango, River Island, Warehouse and Oasis – who do not offer free shipping on their sites, so it pays to check out Asos’s availability before purchasing as you can save yourself up to £5. Plus, if it doesn’t fit properly, you haven’t lost that delivery charge.

Now, onto the serious points of this post.


  1. Order a couple of sizes in the piece you want – do you really only ever go into the changing room with only one size? If so, why bother? You might as well just buy that one size and be done with it.
  2. Of course, if you’re doing this – check the store offers free returns. Most do, but it’s worth checking.
  3. If you’re buying in the sales, check in the store too. Gap in particular seems to reduce things far more in store than they do online.
  4. If they offer free delivery – why not try that piece you’ve been eyeing up? You’ve got nothing to lose!
  5. Check their delivery options. Some stores offer free delivery in store but charge for delivery to your home. In this case, if you can pick it up, you can save yourself a few pounds and always try on and return in store if it turns out you don’t like it/it doesn’t fit – which will save a heap of time too. (I always do this for Marks and Spencer sales – great way to avoid the queues and get what I want!)
  6. Make sure you get the return receipt from the Post Office. With free returns these days, you can go into the post office and they give you a receipt as proof of postage so that if it gets lost, you can still get your refund. Why wouldn’t you?

    What are your tips for shopping online?

    *I did write a sponsored post earlier this year for Asos – in conjunction with Handpicked Media and Nivea – which you can read here.

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    200 follower and 2 year anniversary GIVEAWAY


    Have you entered my fabulous five giveaway yet? No? Well, what are you waiting for?

    1st prize is a Filofax Flex systeml
    2nd prize is a selection of Burt’s Bees products;
    3rd prize is a pair of leggings from Tabio;
    4th prize is a bottle of Soltan Self Tan for the face and a face application mitt;
    and 5th prize is four bottle of Boots 17 nail polish, a Models Own eyeliner and a Burt’s Bees lip shimmer.

    To enter:

    1. Leave a comment on the original post – including your email address.
    2. For an extra entry, follow this blog on blogger or bloglovin’.
    3. For a further entry, tweet the following: “I just entered the Fab Five giveaway @sugarandspiceSG – you can too:“.
    4. The giveaway is open to EVERYONE!
    5. The giveaway will close at midnight GMT on 28 August 2011.
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    Mani of the Week: Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish Nail Polish in Azure

    This week’s Mani of the Week comes from Sugar and Spice’s new writer. You might know her better as Super Stylish Sis. She will be writing posts for me on the blog on a more regular basis from now on and you can find out more about her on her very own page. So, please give her a warm welcome:
    Like my sister I love my nail polishes too. Rimmel’s I Love Lasting Finish Nail Polish in Azure is a great summer to autumn colour as a mid shade. Very, very easy to apply and quite chip resistant. 
    Overall score 7/10.

    This is only my first post on here but make sure you come back later in the week for my first proper post.
    What colour are you wearing on your nails this week?

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