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How to… fake tan (Part II)

Source: weheartit I seem to have become something of a fake tan addict this summer. After a promising April in the UK when I managed to develop a pretty convincing base to my summer tan and topping up sessions in … Continue reading

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How to… shop successfully online – to avoid disappointment

Source Buy from Asos. Seriously, my number one tip for shopping online is to buy from Asos as often as possible. Why? Free delivery. Free returns. Fast service. Fast response time. Friendly twitter account. Accept ALL major credit cards (including … Continue reading

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How to… be a bargain shopper

Sign up for any newsletter going for all of your favourite stores and more. If you don’t fancy having your inbox filled with “junk”, why not open a new email account specifically for the pursuit of a bargain? I have … Continue reading

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How to… pack your toiletries (Part II)

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post entitled, “How to… pack your toiletries for your hand baggage“. Not long afterwards, I was asked to try out Arm and Hammer’s new battery operated electric toothbrush. Now, it might not … Continue reading

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How to… do make-up for glasses wearers

If you wear glasses you will have, no doubt, felt a little unsure about how much make-up is too much make-up when it is magnified. About six months ago I joined the rest of the glasses wearing population and donned … Continue reading

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How to… wear flared jeans

This morning a new pair of bootcut jeans arrived in the post from – a recent spur-of-the-moment purchase that I’d forgotten I’d even made (got to stop doing that!). But then the inevitable question hit me: how will I … Continue reading

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How to… fake tan

How to avoid fake tan hands! I am a wuss when it comes to fake tanning. You should know this already, if you saw my Beauty Review at the weekend of Boots’ Soltan Self Tan Body Lotion. But if not, … Continue reading

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How to: A Masterclass in Re-Mixing by the Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton is clearly a fan of re-mixing* her wardrobe too and used her trip to Canada as the perfect opportunity to demonstrate her expertise and ease with which she seemingly effortlessly dons the same pair of jeans or the … Continue reading

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How to Blog: write a fashion blog / be a better fashion blogger (part 1)

I wrote a post a few months ago entitled “how to Blog: commenting”, I had intended to write a mini series of posts but holidays and life got in the way and a second post, let alone a third or … Continue reading

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How to… pack your toiletries bag for your hand baggage

As the cost of flights and add-ons continue to increase – what happened to return flights for £30? Including my checked-in bag?! – more and more of us try to avoid at least some of these costs but trying to … Continue reading

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