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Ethical fashion vs fast fashion

This post is a part of a series, you can find the next part here. Can fast fashion be ethical? Ever? I have a constant battle with myself over my desire to shop ethically and yet still stick to a … Continue reading

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Christina Hendricks: curvy role model or another unattainable ideal?

Source Last week the UK government’s Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone MP, caused controversy when she suggested that Christina Hendricks – who plays sexy secretary Joan Holloway in the TV series, Mad Men, and wears a size 14 – is a perfect … Continue reading

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Delivery costs: fair enough or enough’s enough?

Internet shopping has come into its own in recent years. I remember just a few years back, I’d never have dreamed of shopping online and now it’s become second nature. Of course, I’d never completely give up the thrill of … Continue reading

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Hello Mulberry!!

The debate about bloggers receiving samples and freebies has been at the centre of some controversy for quite a while now. In the US bloggers have had to disclose if something has been gifted, although the rules surrounding this have … Continue reading

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I write a fashion blog… And I’m proud of it.

Source: Cupcakes and Cashmere Over the months that I have been blogging, I have read a fair few posts about the dilemma over whether or not to tell close friends and acquaintances about your blog. I completely get this dilemma … Continue reading

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A Bit Of A Bummer!

I was going to post my thoughts on Sex and the City 2 today but that has been put on hold for a little rant. After a weekend of relaxing with family and friends I thought I should catch up on … Continue reading

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Source: The Sartorialist It is only recently that I have begun to realise that I am often influenced by men’s clothing and fashion choices in what I wear, just as much as I am by what women put on. This … Continue reading

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In Vogue?

Everywhere you turn in the UK at the moment someone is talking about the impending General Election. Indeed, the Guardian have been running a Fashion Election Special series, including the Westminter location shoot below. As well as a Sarah vs … Continue reading

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How to… shop till you drop and still "be green":

Clearly I was ahead of the times…Earlier this month Dame Vivienne Westwood urged BBC Radio London listeners to stop shopping for six months in order to avoid unnecessary waste. London Mayor Boris Johnson has launched his climate change for London campaign … Continue reading

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A Tan To Die For

Fashion has a lot to answer for. Once upon a time a tan was deemed common but today it is seen as the height of fashion for many young women. But at what cost? There has been a tremendous amount … Continue reading

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