How to… fake tan (Part II)

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I seem to have become something of a fake tan addict this summer. After a promising April in the UK when I managed to develop a pretty convincing base to my summer tan and topping up sessions in Ibiza in May and Valencia in June, a disappointing July and August in Britain has left me pale and pasty. So I have found myself faking it.

Sunny Valencia
Further to my previous How to… fake tan post and various other fake tan related posts, this post responds to the questions I’ve been asked and the knowledge I’ve acquired. These are my 10 top tips for tanning – the fake way:
  1. Use a mitt or gloves. I haven’t personally used gloves as I tried a mitt first and love the results. I get mine from Boots – they’ve been on offer most of the summer and I only just realised but apparently they can be put in the washing machine on a cold wash – mine’s going in with my next delicates wash. Beats trying to hand wash it!
  2. Use a gradual tan if you’re scared of the proper thing or have had a bad experience in the past.
  3. Instant tans are a great quick fix if you want to wear a dress but your pins are pasty.
  4. Mousse fake tans are generally lighter and less greasy than lotions.
  5. Remember to fake tan your feet – I try to go all the way to the edges so that any line is almost on the bottom of my foot and therefore covered by any footwear.
  6. Remember also to tan the backs of your hands. Often forgotten as they are inside a mitt or gloves. Don’t overdo it but a little tan left of the mitt is often enough.
  7. Don’t wash the mitt straight away as you’ll wash the tan off your hands and leave it patchy!
  8. Whilst most people recommend putting fake tan on at night I find it annoying having to wander around letting it dry, so instead I tan in the morning and let it dry before dressing as I dry my hair and put my make-up on – that’s usually enough time. Just wear a darker colour and nothing too tight. Saves getting tan all over your bed sheets too.
  9. Either fake tan your face or use a bronzer – otherwise you’ll look sun kissed and ill at the same time!
  10. Finally, do not put any shoes and socks on until the tan is completely “fixed” – and don’t exercise or shower for a good 6-8 hours. Believe me, I speak from experience.

Source: weheartit

What are your top tips for fake tanning? Did I forget something?

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