Beauty Review: St Moriz Instant Self Tan Mousse

Last weekend, I wrote about my take on Instant vs Gradual vs Full-on fake tans. This week, I’m reviewing St Moriz’s Instant Self Tan Mousse which brings all three together.

Now, until I tried this mousse, my new favourite tan had been St Tropez’s Wash Off Instant Self Tan Mousse (you can read my review here). Until I tried this mousse. 

St Moriz’s Instant Self Tan Mousse works like St Tropez’s mousse, in that it instantly gives some sun-kissed colour to my legs when I apply it. But, unlike the St Tropez mousse, when it washes off when I shower, it leaves me with a lovely sun-kissed shade rather than the usual bare white colour. Granted, the colour is not perhaps as deep as some might like but being so completely scared by fake tans in general, this is a good things for me. It also allows for a build-up of colour, so you can apply again the next day, or leave it a day or two, depending on the depth of colour you desire. There is also now the St Moriz Instant Self Tan Dark Mousse which the lovely people at St Moriz kindly sent to me when they heard I had been converted. The Dark Mousse gives a deeper colour with just one application.

The brilliant thing about this tan is that you can apply in the morning, wait for it to dry, dress and look sun-kissed instantly. It smells like a lovely and light moisturiser when first applied and smells no different throughout the day.

St Moriz Instant Self Tan Dark Mousse: right leg (on the left!) with tan and left leg (on the right) without

Again, I would highly recommend using a tanning application mitt. For more tips on how to achieve a great self tan, check out my How to… fake tan post.

The lovely people at St Moriz also sent me their self tan lotion and bronzing powder to try out. I haven’t managed to try either yet but will report back soon. Watch this space!

Best of all, the St Moriz Instant Self Tan Mousse is dirt CHEAP! I found mine in my local Savers store for £2.99 and on Amazon for just over £3 for a bottle.

Have you tried St Moriz’s Instant Self Tan Mousse? Which fake tan do you swear by?

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