BEAUTY REVIEW: Instant vs gradual vs full-on fake tan

Who doesn’t love a tan? Now, living in the UK it is difficult to get a tan without a little help from a bottle. I’ve tried a fair few fake tans in my time, my legs in particular refuse to change to anything from the bright white they naturally are. (I’ve reviewed a fair few on the blog, here, here, here, here and here.)
So I thought it was about time I did a little analysis on which works better, or worse:
Instant fake tan
Gradual fake tan
Full-on fake tan
Washes off
Fades gradually and evenly
Lasts up to a week
No missing ANYWHERE
Can build up which gives better coverage
I’m prone to missing bit – like the back of my ankle
Not so much choice of colour
Can build up or lay off – depending on desired depth of color
Different colour depths available
No smell
Standard fake tan smell
Strong fake tan smell
Develops gradually
Develops gradually
For me, I think I have come to realise that instant fake tans work best as I’m not really organised enough to apply my tan the night before and when I do, I often find I’ve missed the back of my ankle or something and have a glaring white mark! The weather is also so unpredictable that for 99% of the time, I don’t really need to have fake tan on because I’m all covered up, so it is nice to have the flexibility to just apply it on those days or nights when I want to expose a little flesh and want it to have a little golden glow!

Update: Which tans do I recommend? Well, personally I’m currently addicted to St Tropez’s Wash Off Instant Mousse.
Which tanning method do you favour?

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