Have Your Say: Samsonite Cabin Sized Suitcases

There comes a time when it seems only prudent to spend a little more on luggage than one would normally deem to be sensible in the interests of not having a wheel fall off said luggage within hours of embarking on a trip which entails a fair amount of moving from place to another. Yes, this is what happened to me. Last year when we went to Sardinia for our summer holiday I bought a new suitcase – for two reasons: 1. my only big suitcase is pink and therefore the boyf does nothing but complain about carrying it – as he inevitably has to because it is usually too heavy for me; and 2. because the only other suitcase I had is barely what I would call hand luggage (thanks to Fly Be’s rather mean cabin restrictions). So I bought a new black suitcase and the wheel fell off almost as soon as we landed in Sardinia. Helpful. So I have decided to purchase a new suitcase. And a slightly more sensibly sized suitcase that I will not be able to over-fill and will, therefore, be able to carry myself.
The only question is…
Which colour? Sensible charcoal for my new sensible suitcase?

Or pretty raspberry?

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