Beauty Review: St Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Mousse

Last summer I reviewed St Tropez’s Wash Off Instant Body Lotion. I’ve been using the lotion a lot on my legs this summer as they never seem to take on any colour and I nearly always end up with streaks when I fake tan – nothing to do with the tan itself but my application of it. But the lotion is quite thick and not only takes a while to rub in properly but also feels quite heavy on my legs for the rest of the day. This is fine my legs when I’m wearing a skirt but for my arms and decolletage, it is a little less appealing. So I decided to try St Tropez’s Wash Off Instant Glow Mousse. And let’s just say, I’m bought!

The mousse is light and rubs in almost instantly and feels light as a feather – or better, as I really can’t tell I’m wearing it, apart from the change in colour. For most the colour will be too subtle – although it can be layered up to create a darker colour but this obviously detracts from the ease and speed appeal of the product. If you want to see the colour difference, here are my hands, the right hand (on the left of the photo) has the tan on and the other doesn’t:

It definitely takes the white sheen off my skin and adds a healthy glow which will be great for all year round.

Tip: Just be careful when applying as it will turn your hand quite a muddy brown colour, so either make sure you have industrial strength soap on hand or use a mitt or latex glove to apply.

The best thing about instant fake tans? The don’t smell!!

Next week I’m planning to do a fake tan special with an instant vs gradual vs all-out fake tan – let me have your thoughts below, or email me.

Have you tried an instant wash off fake tan? This one or another?

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