#BloggersDoItBetter: Arm Party

I haven’t participated in one Pretty Shiny Sparkly’s #BloggersDoItBetter challenges yet but this week’s played into something I’ve been toying with for so long that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. That, and I actually saw the challenge on time this time too!

So? The challenge?

“Ahhh…the arm party. Coined by one lovely Man Repeller, the trend has been around for longer than its name. Editrixes, models and fashion bloggers alike all sport a plethora of friendship bracelets, bangles, chains, watches, and more.”

I’ve been collecting wrist-wear inspiration over on my Pinterest Style Pinboard for a while now:

Sources, clockwise from top left: eatsleepwear; eatsleepwear; My Style Pill; and Stockholm Street Style.

Here is my interpretation of an Arm Party, I like to think of it as a full-on rave!!

Bangles from various market stalls and Next; watch from Urban Outfitters; “Love” bracelet from Accessorize; and hoop bracelet from TIA by Made from Clothing at Tesco.

Do you like to stack your bracelets high or wear them a little more daintily?

Even this week’s copy of Grazia has joined on the Arm Party:

If you fancy throwing your own Arm Party, here are some fabulous options to choose from:

BUY NOW: #1; #2; #3; #4; #5; and #6.

Please nominate me in the “Established Fashion Blog” category

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