Visual Friend Friday: Where I Blog


This is where I wish I blogged from. A beautifully organised workspace all of my own. When I saw this in last week’s The Simply Luxurious Life’s weekly newsletter, I fell in love (if you can fall in love with a desk!!).

We are currently in the process of house hunting to buy our first house. It is a long and slow process as we work out what we want from our first house and then work out the reality of what we can afford to want. Personally, I would like a little corner where I can set up a desk properly for my blogging. However we currently live in a rented two bedroom flat that we are fast outgrowing and so, this is where I blog:

A leather Ikea sofa in the living room of our flat.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be the desk in the first photo, I’d be equally content to sit myself down at this desk too:


When I found out we were doing this post for FBFF this week, I went on the hunt for more workspace inspiration and I found it in abundance:

Sources, clockwise from top left: #1; #2; #3; and #4.

It seems that when I come to creating my perfect workspace in our new house, flowers and an old-fashioned typewriter are what I need to make it mine!

I’m a girl torn between a modern minimalist desk:


And an old-fashioned higgledy piggledy desk:


What does your workspace look like? Whether it’s for blogging or any other type of work? Do you dream of how it might be?

This week’s Visual Friend Friday is brought to you by Suze of MissVinylAhoy, you can pop over to her blog and see the other places the FBFF bloggers blog from. For more information on the Friend Friday project, you can visit Katy’s blog, ModlyChic.

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