How to… wear flared jeans

This morning a new pair of bootcut jeans arrived in the post from – a recent spur-of-the-moment purchase that I’d forgotten I’d even made (got to stop doing that!). But then the inevitable question hit me: how will I wear my new purchase? So I turned to a few flare-lovers and good ol’ Polyvore for some inspiration:

First up, Katie Holmes. An all-round jeans lover, Mrs Cruise shows how to do a relaxed look with her flares. Adding a long-line tee with a scarf and a blazer and finishing it off with some heeled boots.

Kate Moss shows us another relaxed look. Preferring to tuck her tee into her jeans and add a belt to bring the look together. She adds height with heels too and throws a slouchy bag over her shoulder.

Next up is Rachel Blison’s nautical look. She favours tucking in her Breton tee too and again adds a slouchy bag.

Victoria Beckham takes the casual approach, teaming her flared jeans with a fine-knit jumper and over-sized bag.

Mrs Beckham dresses up her flares her with a simple black blazer and smart black handbag.

Flares and flared jeans were all over the catwalks for Spring Summer 2011. So, my rules for my new flared jeans:

  1. Heels are a must. Not only do they simply work but they also help to accentuate the length of your leg, something that the flare itself already does.
  2. Anything else goes. Relaxed look? Chuck on a tee. A little chilly? Throw a jumper over the top. Want a smarter look? Add a black blazer.
  3. Enjoy the fact that, at least for a day or two, you’re wearing something different to your skinny jeans.

What are your top tips for wearing flared jeans?

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