(A rave) Beauty Review: inside my bathroom cabinet

This week, I’ll confess, I had thought I’d written and scheduled a beauty review post and so this morning I got up, dyed my hair, did my chores and headed out into the sunshine to the library. And then I came home and logged on and realised… there was no lovely new post this morning. So apologies to anyone who came here earlier looking for some beauty review action. Here it is. Better late than never and better still, it is about more than just one great beauty secret this week:

I am a hoarder of all things beauty (as well as being an advertisers dream and buying into every new beauty trend!). So today, I thought I’d share with you my absolute favourites from all of the many products I have collected over the years and the ones that have turned out to be keepers:

Let’s start at the top:

  • Hair care:

Aussie Take The Heat shampoo and 3-Minute Miracle conditioner: this is the only shampoo and conditioner combination that I have found that doesn’t end up leaving my hair heavy and lank after continued use. It also tames my frizzy and unruly hair, leaving it almost straight when blow-dried.

Trevor Sorbie’s Dry Shampoo is the lazy girl’s best friend. I’ve tried others but this is my favourite for price, size and results. And it smells pretty neutral too.

Trevor Sorbie’s Beach Hair Spray is a salt spray that does to your hair what the sea does when you’re on holiday. Want your hair to retain those loose curls and waves from the beach when you’re back home? Use this!

  • Body care:

To keep my skin soft, I like to use Garnier’s Intensive 7-Day Lotion with Shea Butter which is so moisturising. And smells pretty indulgent too.

To keep my legs soft and hair-free for longer, I’ve started using Veet’s Hair Minimising Moisturer, which does seem to work as I usually have to shave every day but this seems to allow me to wait another day or two.

I don’t tend to fake tan my whole body but I do like to tan my legs a little during the summer months as they never seem to take any colour at all.
When I have time I use Garnier’s Summer Body Lotion for a Deep Sun-kissed Look. It smells lovely and is deeply moisturising whilst also building a good even colour over a couple of applications.
When I’ve forgotten to tan my legs (or have been lazy!) and still want to wear a skirt, I use St Tropez’s Wash Off Instant Body Glow Lotion. I either use it alone or with a little of my moisturiser to tone the colour down a bit. Gives the most natural colour of all of the fake tans I have used. Ever.

The Body Shop’s Shea Body Scrub is my number one for the shower as it has the large gritty bits in that I like to feel like I’ve been exfoliated properly.
  • Face care:

I don’t like putting a thick cream on my face on the morning, so I swear by Boots’ No 7 Essential Mositure Day Fluid which is light and yet moisturising. Only annoying thing – no SPF. (But I do use a Tinted Moisturiser instead of foundation each day which does contain an SPF.)

At night I do like a thick cream to slather on and do its best as I sleep and so I use Boots’ No 7 Essential Mositure Night Cream.

  • Hair removal:
I’ve mentioned the Nair Silky Sensations Hair Removal Cream before and I love this for keeping me hair free without any pain.
  • In my handbag:
I always carry a red nail polish in my handbag as it seems to suit any mood and outfit when I’m caught without polish on. At the moment, my red of choice is this Boots’ 17 Supreme Shine in Risky Red. It’s long lasting and has a great shine – even after one coat.
Boots’ No 7 Summer Collection Lipgloss in Sultry has found a home in my handbag as I love the colour. I’m not usually one for bright lip colour but this I do like. The colour is rich too – not too translucent like some lipglosses.
My final beauty must have is Boots’ No 7 Nail Polish in Sing the Blues – the colour is strong and sophisticated.
What are your beauty essentials?

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