What Was I Wearing: rainy days

Today I’ve gone for the androgynous look. You know those mornings when you know what you want to wear but the weather just isn’t playing along? Well, today was one of those!! I had planned a cute dress with the brogues but then I looked out of the window… and it was raining! So jeans it was for me:

The t-shirt really didn’t look right hanging out (like the slob that I am!!) so I tucked it in and was good to go!

I haven’t worn a watch in years but when I saw this one for a fiver in
Urban Outfitters I grabbed it. It’s more like an extra bracelet to add to all of those that I was wearing at the time of purchase but I’m actually enjoying not having to get my phone out everytime I want to know the time – how old-fashioned?!

These are, of course, my bargainous Marks and Spencer brogues that I got last month. I think they work well with trousers that are rolled up and allow them to be seen in all of their glory, don’t you? (The boyf calls them my “boy shoes”!)
What do you wear on rainy days in summer?
I am wearing: Gap tee and jeans, Pearl Lowe for Peacocks cardigan, Marks and Spencer brogues, Urban Outfitters watch, Tiffany neckace and Pieces bracelet.
I have added a little poll in the top of the right hand column, if you have a spare second – please choose your response. Thank you.

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