How to… fake tan

How to avoid fake tan hands!

I am a wuss when it comes to fake tanning. You should know this already, if you saw my Beauty Review at the weekend of Boots’ Soltan Self Tan Body Lotion. But if not, I’ll tell you a story and then you really will understand! (If you read the Beauty Review already, you can skip this part!!) Boots recently – I say recently, it was at least a month ago now – sent me their Soltan Self Tan Body Lotion to try out and it has stayed on my dressing table ever since – taunting me as I complain about my white white legs each morning. So I eventually decided it was time to suck it up and try out the tan. What was the worst that could happen? If I ended up with streaky legs, I’d just have to wear trousers for the next week. I’d get over it. I mean, you didn’t think I’d actually get up the guts to self tan my whole body?! Well, you can find out what happened by reading the Beauty Review. This isn’t it. This is a “How to”.

Of course, being the internet geek that I am, I turned to google for the top tips when fake tanning and here, I present my recommended reading:

And now for what I have learned over the years:

– If you’re a wuss or a beginner or don’t want anything too obvious, I’d recommend trying a gradual fake tan. I have tried many of these, including the one that I have reviewed: Dove’s Summer Glow Body Lotion, I have also tried St Tropez’s Everyday and Garnier’s Summer Body. 

– For an instant fake tan – on those mornings when you wake up and decide to wear a skirt or dress, only to find yourself staring in disbelief sometime later at the horrible paleness of your legs against the rest of your body which has taken on a little colour in the sun – I would highly recommend St Tropez’s Wash-Off Body LotionIf this is a bit dark, I have taken to mixing it with my normal body lotion and quickly apply that to my legs. Not only does it create an even tan, it creates said tan in less than 5 minutes.

– Moisturise, moisturise, MOISTURISE!!! It is true what they say – make sure you moisturise everyday anyway and then you are always fake tan ready. I love Boots No 7 Pampering Dry Oil which is like baby oil but more grown-up and spritzes on for more easy and less messy application. When you are fake tanning, a useful tip that I used and worked well: dot a little moisturiser on dry areas, like elbows, knees and ankles, to stop the tan absorbing too much and creating darker patches.

– Exfoliate. Again, it is true what they say. Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin and your tan will be more even. Continue to exfoliate once you’ve fake tanned, to ensure that it fades evenly. I swear by The Body Shop’s Body Scrubs.

– Use a mitt or gloves. Boots do a washable mitt and St Tropez do disposable gloves for applying fake tan and avoiding “fake tan hands”. A must. I hadn’t used a mitt before, but found it great, not only for avoiding the tell tale orange palms but also for buffing the fake tan and ensuring even coverage.

Are you a pro or a novice? What are your top tips for fake tanning?

PS. I have added a little poll in the top of the right hand column, if you have a spare second – please choose your response. Thank you.

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