This week: Lovely Links

I know many bloggers already do a round-up of their favourite blog posts of the week but I find myself reading so many fabulous and inspiring posts from some of my favourite bloggers across the blog-o-sphere each week that I feel the need to add to these posts.

This week, I’ve been addicted to:

Clockwise from top left: How to: Braided Bun; IFB: The Reality of Blogging While Working a Full-Time Job; The French Women Beauty Myth, or Happy Bastille Day; For the love of: The anklet; What Carrie Bradsahw Taught Me About Aging & Getting Old (recommended by Mrs B); and Blogger Style Icon: B Jones Style.

If you have a favourite post from the blog-o-sphere that you’ve read this week, let me know in the comments here and it might get added to next week’s Lovely Links. And if you happen upon a post you think simply must be featured over the next week, be sure to tweet me the link.

Have a happy Sunday.

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