BEAUTY REVIEW: Boots Beautiful Bronze Soltan Self Tan Lotion

When I was asked to trial Soltan’s Beautiful Bronze Self Tan Body Lotion I couldn’t wait. And then I did. I waited then six weeks. Because I suddenly remembered that as much as I like to have a tan, I don’t actually like fake tanning – I don’t like the stress of worrying over whether it will look alright or whether I’ll be left with streaks or white patches, as have been the results of many a fake tan experiment when I was a student. So the bottle sat on my dressing table. Taunting me. Then last night, I decided to take the plunge and try it. After all, the forecast said rain for the next few days, so if it went wrong, I could hide under my skinny jeans. My arms tend to a take a little colour in the sun anyway, so it is really only my legs that remain an offensive whiter than white colour this time of year. So I tried the tan on them:

The verdict?
It worked.
You wanted more than that? Oh, ok then. It came out of the bottle in a gold shimmery gel-like lotion which smelled a little of chocolate as I applied it with the mitt (which was a great idea as it left me with no tell-tale brown palms!). By the morning the smell had reverted to the generic fake tan smell that we all love to hate but I’m not too bothered about the smell if I can wash it off in the shower and then apply a sweet smelling body lotion. The colour was good after one application – good enough for me, I mean. I didn’t want my legs to go any darker than my arms but if you tan better than me – not hard – you’ll probably want another application. The tan was even – except for where I had forgotten to apply it on the back of one of my ankles! And it lasted well too and faded gradually and evenly.
For less than a tenner, I’d say it’s good value and would recommend.
Which fake tan do you use? Have you tried Boots’ Soltan range?

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