How to: A Masterclass in Re-Mixing by the Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton is clearly a fan of re-mixing* her wardrobe too and used her trip to Canada as the perfect opportunity to demonstrate her expertise and ease with which she seemingly effortlessly dons the same pair of jeans or the same pair of shoes for the third, fourth or even fifth appearance of the trip. This really is capsule packing at its most glamorous!

Princess Catherine proves that if you find the perfect pair of nude heels, they’ll see you from one outfit to another. (Note to self: must find my “perfect” pair and stick to them!) HRH’s Canada wardrobe was not particularly revolutionary but for the average girl who sets off to the office everyday, it clearly provided inspired for looking fabulous and mixing and re-using pieces for different occasions.

What did you think of the Duchess’s Royal Tour wardrobe?

*re-mixing = reusing pieces in your wardrobe and creating new outfits (see Kendi Everyday for more details)

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