Mani of the Week: Boots No7 Golden Palms

When Boots sent me the No 7 Summer Collection I wasn’t too sure about the polishes. Both are glittery and I’m never too impressed with metalic glitter polishes – they are never very opaque end up looking a little like a child got left alone with a tube of glitter glue and my nails! But I thought I’d give them a go – for the sake of the blog, you understand! And I am so pleased I did.

This polish, named Golden Palms, is opaque after two coats, glamorous and lasts a long loooong time! Honestly, I put a coat on one evening, which actually looked nice enough on its own, but the next evening decided to add a second coat which looked even better. Then I set about cleaning the bathroom, washing up and a whole host of other chores that had been waiting for me to get off the sofa! And the polish was still there and intact after all of this! Now that is some staying power, right there!

And the colour? Well, it is in daylight a pink base with broze coloured glitter, and indoors, it is more bronze than pink.

If you’re looking for a polish to accompany sunny summer evening cocktails, this is it!

And right now, if you spend £22 on No 7 products, you get this free gift. What are you waiting for?

What colour are you loving for sultry summer evenings?


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