How to… pack your toiletries bag for your hand baggage

As the cost of flights and add-ons continue to increase – what happened to return flights for £30? Including my checked-in bag?! – more and more of us try to avoid at least some of these costs but trying to fit everything for a fortnight away into a carry-on bag. Add to this, restrictions on the amount of liquids you can carry in your hand baggage and packing becomes even more problematic! So I decided to share my tips for packing your toiletries in this restricted world in which we travel:

  • Invest in minis. Asda is my favourite place to head for mini toiletries as they offer any 4 for £3! You’ll find shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, deodorants, face wash, and even dry shampoo.
  • Be realistic about what you will use. Your daily beauty routine might involve cleansing and toning and moisturising and scrubbing and whatever else you do, but do you really need to keep this up while you’re on holiday?
  • Buy products that are multi-purpose. Even at home, I swear by face wipes but for holidays they provide the best multi-purpose product – they cleanse and tone and remove all forms of make-up – and best of all, aren’t included in your liquids limit! Another multi-purpose product that I use whilst on holiday (and that I carry in my handbag too) is Nivea Soft which can be used for face, hands and body.
  • Like face wipes, nail polish remover pads do the same job and yet aren’t included in your liquids limit. If you’re unsure which ones to get, I’d recommend these by Quickies.
  • If you’re travelling with friends, what products can you share? Maybe one person can bring shampoo and another conditioner and another still, shower gel?
  • If all else fails, there aren’t many holiday destinations where you wouldn’t be able to buy anything you can’t fit in.
  • I would also suggest that you put everything into one of the regulation clear bags before you put it into your toiletries bag, so that it is easier to take out when you get to security.

Of course, it is not only toiletries which are included in your liquids limit but also your make-up:
  • Minerals make-up is the obvious choice for travelling as they won’t be included.
  • If you don’t want to buy additional make-up only for those occasions you travel, I try to decant foundation/tinted moisturiser into a small container for my holidays.
  • I also look out for free gifts from my favouriet make-up brands (like Boots No 7) and keep the mini mascaras and lip glosses specifically for my hand baggage.
What are your top tips for carrying your toiletries in your hand baggage?

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