THE IFB PROJECT: cherished

The IFB Project* is a new, fun and exciting project.

This week IFB asked:

“Find a prized possession a family member gave you. Something you hold near and dear to your heart. Whether it be a necklace, a blouse or even a piece of furniture. What makes it’s special to you?”

So, without further ado, here are my most cherished possessions:

The first is a locket that my mum bought for me when we went to Paris a couple of years ago. It was my first ever trip to Paris and I had always dreamed of going to the French capital and it only seemed right that my mum be the person to take me as she had au paired there as a teenager. When we were there, we obviously did a little shopping and in Galleries Lafayette I spotted this locket and mum very kindly bought it for me. I wore it almost every day until last Christmas…

When the boyfriend bought me the first piece of jewellery of our relationship. A beautiful and simple Tiffany heart necklace:

I am not one for anything overly fussy and this necklace fits into my wardrobe perfectly.

What is your most cherished possession?

Be sure to check out the other contributions this week, there are some truly beautiful stories to read.

*Basically, it’s a fun way to create and share content. Projects are assigned on Fridays, posts are submitted by Tuesday at midnight and Wednesday will see a post up on IFB, sharing some of the best posts, along with the links to the participants!


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