Ibiza: What’s In My (Beach) Bag

I always love seeing other people’s “What’s In My Bag” posts and it’s been a while since I did one (you can see my last one here). So I took the opportunity when packing for my recent weekend away to take some photos for this post:

For the trip, I decided I needed a new bag (who doesn’t need a new bag for an exciting trip?!), so after scouring the shops and the internet I came across this Rip Curl bag, complete with its own beach mat. Could it have been anymore perfect?

For the beach, I always pack the all-important sun screen and sunglasses. These sunglasses were a birthday present from my parents:

I also like to have an easy-to-read book – this time I took “I Heart New York” with me – a light and entertaining read. I also make sure I have a pair of jelly flip flops in my bag – great for getting my feet wet and not worrying about ruining a beautiful pair of sandals. Of course, I also pack the essentials of my purse and bikini!

What do you pack in your beach bag?

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