Things I like about Hootsuite (and things I don’t!)

As I mentioned last week, I recently signed up for Hootsuite and whilst still getting used to it but it didn’t stop me thinking about all of the things I like about the social media platform and those that I don’t:


1. You don’t have to keep flipping between screens to keep on top of everything – including messages there for immediate access;
2. If you have a private and a professional Twitter account – or just two (or more) Twitter accounts – it is much easier to keep track of the two;
3. It automatically gives you your Klout score – much has been made of Klout recently (link to grit and glamour’s post) and Hootsuite gives you the Klout score of anyone you want – including your own without having to sign in to your Klout account or move to another website;
4. Updates automatically and doesn’t need you to click anywhere to show new tweets;
5. You can add an RSS feed and therefore don’t have to be at your computer – or faffing on your smartphone – to tweet your new post;
6. You can schedule tweets if you know you’re going to be away from the computer/internet/whatever reason – in addition to the RSS feed for new posts.


1. Doesn’t always give you a prompt for the person you want to mention – which can be a pain if you’re not sure of their handle;
2. The post to Twitter link button on my blog still takes me automatically to the Twitter homepage, to which I am not usually signed into;
3. Your own tweets that have simply been re-tweeted don’t seem to show up in the “mentioned” column.

Do you use a Twitter plaform like Hootsuite? If so, which one and why that one?

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