WIN a collection of LBDs and LWDs courtesy of ASOS and Nivea!

To celebrate the launch of Nivea’s newest and innovative deodorant, Invisible for Black and White, Nivea has teamed with Asos to create an exclusive capsule collection consisting of two LBDs and two LWDs:

Nivea’s new deodorant is the first anti-perspirant from Nivea that protects both black and white clothes from those yucky deodorant stains that result in your summer tees ending up in the charity-shop bag and you changing your LBD for the third time before a night out!

To coincide with today’s launch Asos have launched a competition to win one of the four dresses. All you have to do is play stylist and team the right dress with the right accessory for the occasion. Here’s how I got on:

Now it’s your turn to go play stylist and try for your chance to win one of these dresses! You have until 31 May to enter the competition and if you do enter, let me know, won’t you?
*LBD = Little Black Dress and LWD = Little White Dress

**This post is sponsored by Nivea Invisible for Black & White

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