A dress fit for a Princess: Part II

This post is a part of the Royal Wedding series, featuring on here during April.

Anyone tired of the talk of the Royal Wedding yet? I’m not and I’m not sure I ever will be. A wedding is just so exciting and a wedding of a real life Prince to his soon-to-be Princess is just too exciting to tire of, don’t you think?

When researching last week’s post, I discovered the rather fabulous blog, modern vintage bride. This modern vintage bride is to wed in 2011 in London and is charting the planning of her wedding in her blog posts. She had posted the photo below which carries on a theme from my previous post in which I waxed lyrical over Carrie’s vintage wedding suit in the Sex and the City movie:


I love the idea of a shorter, less conventional and obvious wedding dress like this one. (I also happen to love the shoes, particularly the low heel height!) It seems that a shorter-style of dress is what excites me – personally – most. In last week’s post, I also posted this dress which I thought could be a very stylish wedding dress:


I think there is something of a ’60s feel to both of the dresses above and yet there is also something timeless about each of them. Whilst not wishing to go the conventional wedding dress route, I am conscious of having a dress which would date too quickly as I would like my wedding photographs to look classic.

What do you think of these two dresses? Must a wedding dress be floor length?

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