A dress fit for a Princess

This post is a part of the Royal Wedding series, featuring on here during April.

As the Royal Wedding approaches I got to thinking about wedding dresses. Many little girls dream of growing up and marrying their prince in a fairytale wedding. For Kate Middleton this will become a reality in just a couple of weeks time. For the rest of us mere mortals, we can still dream. But when dreaming gives way to the reality of real life, what do us grown up girls really want to wear on our Big Day?

It is not secret that Carrie Bradshaw and the rest of the Sex and the City girls are a massive style inspiration for me and so when Carrie finally married Big in the first film I was in heaven. Her Vivienne Westwood wedding dress is surely the thing of which dreams are made:


Of course, the film also saw her dressing up in many a wedding dress for her Vogue shoot:

Sources: photo #1; photo #2; and photo #3.


Carrie is not the only bride in Sex and the City. Charlotte wed twice during the television series, each time opting for a traditional and classic ivory gown:

Sources: photo #1; and photo #2.

While Miranda married Steve in the final series, in a less conventional deep burgundy velvet dress:


There were even photos of Samantha in what was a rather traditional looking wedding dress, during the filming of the second movie, for the highly unconventional Miss Jones:

Sources: photo #1; and photo #2.

But that is not the end of the story. While Carrie’s Vivienne Westwood dress was fit for a princess, we would hope that Prince William will not “do” a Mr Big and leave his bride-to-be standing alone at the alter. However, whatever the events that led to Carrie marrying Mr Big at City Hall in a vintage suit, this is by far and away my idea of the perfect wedding outfit:

Sources: photo #1; and photo #2.

There is an elegant timelessness to the vintage suit and the shoes are to-die-for! I have already decided that if I am ever to say “I do”, it will be wearing the exact same shoes that Carrie Bradshaw wore to wed Mr Big:

They will be my “something new” and my “something blue”!

This dress, which was gifted to Livia Firth by a friend, would make a really fabulous unique wedding dress. The beading is exquisite:


 What is your dream wedding dress like? If you’re married, what did you wear?


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