GUEST POST: Style Icon: Kate Middleton

*This post was updated below on 1 May 2011.

This week’s style icon post is special for two reasons, the first is that this is a guest post from the lovely Lexie of The Stylista and the Frog, and second is that it kick starts a month of special posts celebrating the Royal Wedding that will take place at the end of the month, on Friday 29 April between today’s style icon, Catherine Middleton and Prince William.

Lexie explains: “The Stylista and the Frog is a fashion blog that was set up as a way to collate looks/trends/styles that have inspired me and the people I meet.” Lexie’s blog might only be a few months old but reading her posts, you’d think she had been blogging for years. Check out her latest street style pics – she certainly has an eye for spotting some v stylish young ladies!

Before, I finally hand over to Lexie to tell us about her style icon, I just want to thank Lexie and all of our guest bloggers and remind you that you can still email me with your style icon:


Even before the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton was announced, many in the fashion industry (as well as us mere mortals) were looking over Kate’s wardrobe with a magnifying glass. Over the past few months there has been a media frenzy over Kate and her ‘look’. Magazines and fashion editors all over the world have commented on her hair, dress sense, make up and even the way she walks.

Kate said a while ago that she wasn’t fussed about fashion, though it is clear to see over the years she has become careful about the way she is viewed by the public in regards to her outfit choices. I personally think she does have style and is very careful when putting an outfit together.

Looking back over the last 8 years of her being in the public eye while dating Prince William, there have been very few times that she has been seen looking drab and plain. Indeed she does have an air of simplicity to her style and doesn’t break fashion rules like Zara Phillips. Though it is clear that Kate has learned over the years what suits her shape and the colours that complement her skin tone. To me this is a clever way to play her cards.


If we are to look back, in 2005, at her and William’s graduation ceremony. She worn a short skirt under her gown which obviously raised a few eyebrows, however it was a see through dress that caught Williams eye at a university fashion show that prompted him to ask her out in the first place. So I wasn’t surprised with her dress choice on graduation was how any normal student would have dressed.

After graduation it was reported that Kate had stylist Leesa Whisker assist her outfit choices in the early days of dating William, to help her look more of a socialite rather than a student. It was clear through her opting for cardigans with floral print skirts, the image she was hoping to give off to the public. I am guessing that this is where the accusations of her looking like ”lamb dressed as mutton” came from as many were expressing that she wasn’t dressing her age.


However in 2006, Kate started to dress more for her age. At the wedding of the Duchess of Cornwall’s daughter Laura, Kate opted for a gold brocade silk coat over a laced cream dress, complete with a matching feather fascinator and gold clutch purse. Sticking to a classy yet youthful image.


Later that year in December she wore a bold scarlet red coat and black hat to watch William graduate from Sandhurst. As this was the first time she has been at a high-profile public event attended by the monarch and senior royals as William’s guest I am sure she wanted to look elegant and classy. I thought she pulled off the look effortlessly, and this was the start of her showing that she was very capable of picking an outfit.


Over the next couple of years it was clear that we were taking note of Miss Middleton’s attire. The simple black and white patterned Topshop dress she wore to work on her 25th birthday in January 2007 sold out on the high street and was one of Topshop’s best selling dresses for the year.


However in 2008 there was one outfit that made me smile (as I too have worn an outfit very similar) though surprised many was the yellow hotpants, sequinned turquoise halterneck and florescent pink leg warmers she wore to a charity Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco which she co-organised in 2008. When the papers picked up on the images of her lying on the floor after taking a tumble in the rink they led with the heading the next day of ”Kate’s in a state”. A little bit harsh as it was Kate letting her hair down.


Though even with this one night of neon leg warmers under her belt Kate has remained classic in her day to day dress sense. Opting for high street options rather than high end designer from stores such as Jigsaw, which is owned by family friends John and Belle Robinson, Whistles, French Connection and LK Bennett. She sticks to key items in different colours such as a fitted yet feminine dresses and knee length coats. Kate keeps her hair non-fussy, yet styled an glossy and keeps her make up and jewellery very simple, which is something that I feel the general public find attractive about her, as a person and her sense of style.


Indeed all eyes are on Kate as the future princess in waiting, mainly to see how she takes to royal life and of course who will design her wedding dress. However I am sure she will take each event, outing, charity attendance as it comes and think carefully about her outfit choices and indeed be a stylish princess.


UPDATE: On 29 April 2011 Miss Catherine Middleton married Prince William of Wales at Westminster Abbey and became, from that moment, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn and Baroness Carrickfergus.

On her wedding day, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge cemented her place as a style icon when her wedding dress was revealed and the designer confirmed at Sarah Burton, of Alexander McQueen:

Source: Press Association

Source: Press Association

Source: Press Association

For her evening reception at Buckingham Palace the Duchess changed her dress, opting for a slightly lower key gown – without the cumbersome train which might have impeded her first dance somewhat – by the same designer, Sarah Burton:

Source: Press Association

What do you think of Kate’s style? Is her style fit for a princess? Who is your style icon?

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I am seeking for bloggers who would like to write a guest post for this series (see here for previous guest bloggers on this site) about their Style Icon. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved. You can find out more here.


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