30 for 30 Challenge: Day 26 and Day 27

I hope you all understood my silence yesterday. But, I’m back now. And thank you for coming back too!
This is outfit 27 in the 30 for 30 challenge:

It’s quite a chilled outfit. Earlier last week, the weather seemed to be warming up a bit and I even went without a coat for a couple of days and sat outside at Starbucks on my lunch break. But come the end of the week, that little glimpse of Spring seemed to have gone again. So on Thursday I pulled my snuggly Dorothy Perkins cable knit jumper on over my Dorothy Perkins maxi skirt which is soooooo comfortable it feels like wearing leggings! I added my Oasis bottines for a little chic. It’s funny I wore them almost every day during the start of this challenge and then suddenly stopped – and forgot why I liked them. Until Thursday:

Yesterday’s outfit, I Wore Red for Comic Relief:

Do you like my red nose? I added it to my outfit of Dorothy Perkins tunic, Primark tee and Oasis bottines:


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