BARGAIN HUNTER: snag yourself a bargain courtesy of ASOS and Diet Coke

So, you all know that I love a good bargain. What you might not know is that I am that person who collects and cuts out all of the money-off vouchers on tins/packets from magazines and scours the pages of Yep, the boyf often refuses to accompany me to the check out for this very reason. I am also the person for whom the words "sale" and "50% off" and "buy one get one free" make me smile and my heart miss a beat. Now that I have confessed all of this, I can tell you about a new feature and page on the blog that I plan to develop over the next month or so: a voucher/discount page.

Which leads me very nicely to an email I received to, telling me all about a rather fabulous collaboration to give you your fashion fix for cheap:

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