Friend Friday #29: Blog Awards

we heart it

Welcome to the very first FBFF Blog Awards!

How cool, no? Here’s how it’s going to work: the FBFF bloggers will nominate one blogger for each of the categories below and explain why they have nominated said blogger. All the responses will be collated and then the top five bloggers named in each category will be the official finalists. Those finalists will then be opened up to a public vote over a couple weeks. Got it?!

I can’t say it’s been easy over the past few weeks to come up with just one name for each of the categories. I have carried around a piece of paper with the categories listed on and have put numerous bloggers in numerous categories. But last night I finally realised, go with your heart. So I did:

we heart it

1. Creative Juices – most creative: Katie of What Katie Wore

2. The Real Deal – authenticity: Franca of Oranges and Apples

3. Spark Notes – most helpful: V of Grit and Glamour

4. Newbie – best blogger less than a year old: Veshoevius of The Taxonomy of My Wardrobe

5. Can You Hear Me Now – most connected: Jennine of The Coveted (and IFB)

6. If I had a Hammer – best DIY: Geneva of A Pair and a Spare

7. Tribe Leader – blogger who leads others and brings bloggers together: Katy of ModlyChic

8. Practically Perfect – most fashionable: Susie of Bargainista Fashionista

9. Paint by Numbers – best beauty blogger: British Beauty Blogger

10. Renaissance Woman – best all-around blogger, fashion, beauty, lifestyle: Leia of Leia’s Delight

Who would you nominate for the above awards? Did I choose right or is there someone better suited for one of the awards? There are so many wonderful blogs out there that choosing just one for each category was nearly impossible!

To see all of the other nominations for the FBFF Blog Awards, you can find them over at ModlyChic. And if you would like to be a part of the Friend Friday Group, you can find all of the details here.

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