How to… pack for a mini break

Before heading off to Paris last October I posted about my approach to a capsule wardrobe. I did manage it – to a certain extent that time. This weekend I am off on a mini break to Glasgow for three nights – it was my present to the boyf for Christmas! Gvien that I am currently undertaking the 30 for 30 challenge, I have been thinking about a capsule wardrobe for my trip. This time the emphasis is on making as many outfits out of as a small a number of pieces of clothing as is possible which will thereby leave me enough room for extras, like straighteners and toiletries. This also ties in, of course, with the Friend Friday posts which discussed the idea of pre-planning outfits, so with this in mind, I have had a go at pre-planning the outfits for my weekend away:

We fly out on the Friday night, after work. We will have time to pop home and change as we’re flying from our (very) local airport. Whenever I fly, I want something ultra-comfortable and given that we’re flying at night, I also want something that I can snooze in whilst on the flight (even if it is only just over an hour long!). I have therefore gone for simple oversized basics with my old failsafe, my H&M poncho:

The weekend will mainly be spent sight-seeing – with a little shopping on the side! It is likely to be fairly cold so I will throw a thermal vest into my bag – just in case! My EMU boots will keep my feet warm and comfortable – there is nothing worse than spending a day walking around a city in shoes that are killing your feet. This is Saturday’s outfit:

I’m not sure what our evenings will entail but a meal out will definitely be on the menu (please excuse the pun!):

Sunday morning I’ll be back in my sight-seeing clobber:

Then a meal out again on Sunday night (and maybe even the cinema?):

Monday we’ll be back on the airplane and back to Cardiff in time for lunch – boo hiss!!

So, it would seem that I only in fact need to pack a total of eight – yes, 8 – items (as well as some clean undies – obviously!). Now, that doesn’t sound too bad to me. What do you reckon?

The only thing not “true to life” on the collage above is the DP jumper which I have in purple, as seen here. And, of course, the “dream carry-on” and “dream satchel”… But a girl can dream…

Would love to hear from anyone with tips for Glasgow; what to see? Where to shop? Where to eat? Drink? What to eat?


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