LFW #2: Backstage at Jasper Garvida Autumn Winter 2011

Backstage at Jasper Garvida everything was so calm. It was incredible. I’d expected everyone to be in a complete flap. But instead, it was only my stomach that was left to flip with excitement.
As I wandered about the space with my camera, I spotted Jasper himself steaming one of the amazing dresses that would soon be walking down the catwalk:

Make-up and hair:

For the second season running Upper Street – the site that allows you to design your own shoes – have collaborated with Jasper Garvida to create a special collection of shoes to accompany his Autumn Winter 2011 collection:

Think a pair of these belongs in my wardrobe – they would go with everything:

The goodie bags:

The models:

The venue for the show was the Freemasons’ Hall which is such a fabulous art deco building. I almost didn’t notice my surroundings with everything else that was going on:

Another huge thank you to Jasper Garvida and the girls at Push PR for being so welcoming. Next season I really hope you’ll let me come back and that I make the show this time!

For catwalk reports, check out Fashion Foie Gras and The Online Stylist.

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