LFW #1: Backstage at Jasper Garvida

*Please be warned: this post is VERY photo heavy! Enjoy!
Last Friday I had the opportunity to go to London Fashion Week and for the first season in three, I was actually in London. With my press pass in one hand and my camera in the other, I tottered off to Somerset House. I wasn’t able to stay for long as I was meeting friends but I was there for long enough to meet the lovely Amanda – aka The Online Stylist – and to sneak backstage with her (thank you so so much, Emma and Hannah of Push PR) at Jasper Garvida to get a peek at the collection before it hit the runway!
The minute we walked into the backstage area at Jasper Garvida – once I had gotten over the whole wide-eyed (and mouth!) excitement of actually being there – I was drawn to one dress:

Constructed from lace and tiny pieces of plastic, I was mesmerised by the shape and texture of the gown. When I saw that a model was being placed into said piece, I couldn’t help but snap away!

A real Cinderella moment as the shoes were placed onto the models feet:

Then the designer himself (photo below, left) guided her through her “walk”:

Exquisite, no? If only I could have seen it on the catwalk…

I am sure that Amanda, at The Online Stylist, will have taken some wonderful photos of the show from her front row position – so make sure to go and check them out. I have also found photographs from the show on Sarah’s Scribbles.

Many more posts from London Fashion Week and the one show I did catch, to follow!

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