Style Icon: Anna Dello Russo

This week’s Style Icon is the woman who has made getting dressed an art form; Anna Dello Russo. She also just so happens to be editor at large and creative consultant for Vogue Nippon, Italian Literature and Art History graduate and, for the past year, a blogger:

Anna Dello Russo eats, lives and breathes fashion:

Sources (left to right): #1; and #2.

With over 4, 000 pairs of shoes and a vast quantity of clothes, Anna Dello Russo keeps them all in the Milanese apartment next to the one in which she lives with her dog, Cucciolina.


For Dello Russo “Fashion is an escape. Fashion! Is my addiction! Is better than drugs”!


Over the course of a month and four Fashion Weeks across the globe, Anna Dello Russo will showcase at least 100 looks, changing sometimes two or three times a day:

Sources (clockwise from top left): #1; #2; #3; #4; #5; #6; #7; and #8.

Anna Dello Russo prefers the old-school approach to styling and usually dresses head-to-toe in one designer, showcasing a complete catwalk look in one outfit:



In an interview for the Telegraph, Dello Russo declared, “Daywear is not my kinda thing.” Despite this, I did find a couple of photos of the fashionista looking a little parred-down:

Sources (left to right): #1; and #2.

And in case you were wondering whether or not Anna Dello Russo is wearing make-up in the photos above: in the same Telegraph interview mentioned above, she said, “My priority is the amazing impact of the dress. Not about showing me off. I don’t care how I look.” … Dello Russo points out that she sports a low-maintenance shaggy mane and rarely wears make-up.

Anna Dello Russo’s headgear is often extravagant and a little outrageous:

Sources (left to right): #1; #2; and #3.


The above images are of Anna Dello Russo’s outfit for the Masquerade Ball thrown by Carine Roitfeld to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Vogue France, in Paris during Fashion Week last September:


And finally… Last November, Anna Dello Russo swapped the Front Row for the catwalk and strutted her stuff for the launch of the Lanvin for H&M collection:


What do you think of Anna Dello Russo’s flamboyant and eccentric style?

Who is your Style Icon?

On the subject of Style Icons, Anna Dello Russo’s very own Style Icon is – apparently – Carine Roitfeld.

If you have missed the previous style icons featured on the blog, check them out here.

I am seeking for bloggers who would like to write a guest post for this series (see here for previous guest bloggers on this site) about their Style Icon. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved. You can find out more here.


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