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This morning I was busy bemoaning the fact that the mist and fog was so thick in Cardiff that I could barely see the cars on the road from the pavement as I walked to work. By lunchtime, it had all cleared and Cardiff Bay was bathed in beautiful sunshine. I often forget that I actually live by the sea. But then half of the time, I can’t see the sea!

As everything looked so beautiful with the sun shining on it, I decided to test run my new mobile phone, courtesy of Samsung, the Wave II:

Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay

Ivor Novello statue, Cardiff Bay
Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay

Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay

Since receiving the phone at the weekend, I’ve been having fun playing with it. The camera and its many many edit options provided hours of entertainment when the boyf and I were stranded on a train for two hours in the middle of nowhere on Sunday night! A few weeks ago I mentioned wanting a new compact camera but I think this phone will fulfill all of my compact needs!

If you would like the opportunity to win one of these brand new phones, you can submit your photographs (taken on any camera) to The Now Project and you’ll be in with a chance of having your photo featured in an exhibition at The Design Museum next month. I have already submitted mine here.

After uploading my photos, I checked out some of the other entries. These are a couple that caught my eye:

Elisabeth of Thrills and Frills: the only ones on the beach

birdcages by Jazmine Rocks of Jazzabelle’s Diary

Some REALLY pretty Shoes by Kit Lee of Style Slicker

You might also have noticed that I have played around a little with the design of the blog. I’d love to know what you think of the new layout.


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