The Great Wardrobe Detox: Part 4

8. Selling on:

If you haven’t got time to eBay, there are other outlets for selling clothes – although the sellers usually take up to 50 per cent of the sale price. Clothes must be good-quality, designer items. Try Sign on the Time (020 7589 4774), Susie Archer and Chic and Seek for three of the best.

9. Swapping:

Check out clothes-swap websites, such as Swapaholix or Big Wardrobe. At Big Wardrobe you pay no fees and everything is nearly new.

Pile of discarded items

It’s a week now since I started my wardrobe detox and so far I am loving the feeling that shedding a few pounds of clothing has given me. If you have missed any of the posts from this week, you can read them here: Part 1: the initial edit; Part 2: finding your style; and Part 3: storage and organisation.

I usually try to sell a few things out of my clearouts on eBay but this time I decided to give it all to charity. I suppose it is my “good deed”!!

Indeed, Cancer Research UK have launched their own Detox Your Wardrobe campaign for the start of 2011. The charity is encouraging fashionistas and shopaholics everywhere with bulging wardrobes filled with clothes they no longer wear, to donate them. According to Cancer Research UK, each bag of donated goods can be worth up to £30. So my five bags of unwanted clothes could be worth £150!! Not bad for a weekend’s work?

Just a couple of the bags we took to the charity shop last weekend

And almost falling out of the boot of the car on the way to the charity shop!

A celebrity trio, comprising TV presenter Konnie Huq, presenter and journalist Dawn Porter, and morning TV presenter Lorraine Kelly are all supporting Cancer Research UK‘s “Detox Your Wardrobe” campaign this January:

Here’s what Lorraine Kelly said of the campaign:

“Before you go crazy at the January sales, make some room in your wardrobe for all those bargains by taking anything you no longer wear down to your nearest Cancer Research UK shop to raise funds for its lifesaving research. I’m a self-confessed hoarder but even I run out of space sometimes! So ‘Detox your Wardrobe’ this January and support Cancer Research UK, then hit the sales with a clear conscience!”

Of course, if you’re like me, you’ve already hit the sales and now need to make room for all of the things you’ve bought! Better late than never, as they say.

If you too would like to donate your unwanted/surplus clothes, shoes and accessories to charity, you can find your local Cancer Research UK store here.

Come back on Monday for the final post in my Wardrobe Detox series. In the meantime, you can remind yourself of the previous posts here. Make sure you don’t miss it by following Sugar and Spice on twitter, bloglovin’ or feedburner.

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