The Great Wardrobe Detox: Part 3

5. Visual merchandising:
Do you arrange your cupboard by sticking all your trousers, skirts or tops in sections? Or should you do it all by colour? There isn’t one right or wrong way; choose whatever works best for you. What is more imporant is that you can see everything easily, and all your clothes and accessories are correctly stored.
Since I began my Wardrobe Detox at the weekend, we have discussed editing your wardrobe and understanding your style, now for accessibility and storage. Accessibility is of the utmost importance for this Wardrobe Detox as it seems that for months now I have been unable to get at anything in my wardrobes and my drawers have been so full, they have been impossible to open or close.
I have hung everything that I can fit into the wardrobe space that I have, without letting it get completely crammed. As I rent, my wardrobe is not exactly what I would have chosen myself and even though it takes up a lot of room, it doesn’t have much space inside. I tend to organise my clothes by type, my wardrobe is organised with cardigans to the right, jackets and shirts to the left and skirts in the middle:

And my dresses are organised with work dresses on the left and formal and party dresses to the right:

Then I have a drawer of trousers, a couple of drawers of tops and another couple of drawers with underwear and nightwear:

The very first thing I noticed when getting dressed the past few days has been how easily my drawers open and how much easier it is to see what I have when I don’t have so many things in there.

My jewellery is a “work in progress”. Although I did post photos of my jewellery “box” before.

6. Proper storage:
The jury’s out on what type of hangers you should use. Some prefer wooden one (find cheap wooden hangers at Ikea), while others prefer the softly padded versions (like these waffle hangers at John Lewis), and others still prefer something more simple, like these John Lewis space saving hangers. Or even these non-slip, rubber hangers from Lakeland. If you insist on keeping the thin wire sort, it’s a good idea to pad them over with tissue paper so that they don’t spoil the shape of your clothes. Dry cleaners’ bags should be removed; keeping them on will discolour clothes. Shoes and boots should be stored with the appropriate foot trees so that they retain their shape.

It seems a lot of faff, but it is worth it in the long run. If you must keep more items than your wardrobe can reasonably hold, buy plastic boxes that you can stick under your bed for out-of-season clothes.
For hanging I use either Ikea’s budget wooden hangers or the ones I get when I buy a new piece of clothing.
I have also invested (finally!) in some drawer dividers for my underwear. It all looks so much neater – even when it is stuffed in!!
Shoes are now kept neatly on the shoe rack, no longer piled a few high (except for the ballet flats), as before. Or in shoe boxes on top of the wardrobe. While flipflops and sandals, that can be stored flat, are in a plastic box in the bottom of my wardrobe.

Scarves and belts also have their own special Ikea multi-use hanger and are neatly organised. For now!

With limited space, I decided to put any beach and “real” summer clothes into a separate Ikea SKUBB storage box in the top of my wardrobe where I can swap them over with my chunky knits when (if!) the warm weather comes:

7. Repairs:
Make the time to alter the clothes you love that don’t quite fit right. Most drycleaners have seamstresses who can do adjustments, but for anything that requires more work, find a specialist service.
I don’t need a seamstress – I have Super Stylish Sis!!
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