Wardrobe Basics for Men #2: Jackets

This post is a part of Men’s Style Month on Sugar and Spice. Like it’s sister series, Wardrobe Basics, this limited edition series – here for one month only – will feature three options for each “Basic” that every man should have in his wardrobe. This week’s “Basic” is jackets. For men, this encompasses two options: casual and smart. Every man’s wardrobe should have at least one of each.

For the casual option:

SAVE: Superdry Military Blazer V.10 Jacket at ASOS

SPEND: Navy Quilted Richmond Puffa by Polo Ralph Lauren

SPLURGE: Black Track Jersey Biker Jacket by Marc by Marc Jacobs

For the formal option:

SPEND: Chocolate Moleskin Blazer by Polo Ralph Lauren

SPLURGE: Navy Gold Button Wool Blazer by D&G Dolce and Gabbana

What are you Wardrobe Basics?

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