Friend Friday #23: I have nothing to wear


Do you ever stand in front of your bulging wardrobe of a morning and think, I have nothing to wear? I know, I do.

For this week’s Friend Friday, Katy asked, how many fashion bloggers pre-plan their outfits for the whole week? How much of it is just random selection and how much of what we see is pre-determined?

1. How do you determine what you will wear that day?

I usually choose my outfit as I lie in bed in the morning. I find it difficult to get up before I have an outfit in my head. Weird – I know!! Sometimes it doesn’t always work out as I intended. Like this morning, I had bought a lovely new peachy coloured jersey blouse in the sale but when I got it out of the bag I realised I’d picked up a size 18 instead of an 8. Oops. So that outfit had to be changed!

2. Do you plan outfits out in advance for a whole week, month, weekend?

Sometimes I like to “amuse” myself by thinking up outfits and clothing combinations but more often than not these are ignored.

3. Do you have any specific way of tracking outfits and items already worn so you don’t repeat?

I regularly repeat outfits! That’s why I don’t post outfit photos very often. Shhh!!! If I find an outfit that works and that I feel good wearing, I wear it again and again! I usually change the shoes I wear with it and the accessories so it doesn’t look exactly the same. Working in a male-dominated environment, no one really notices! Possibly not the best reason but there it is.

4. How do you discover new combinations of items in your closet? (Trial try-ons? Hanging items together?)

Sometimes I’ll spot someone wearing something I own – or similar to something I already own – with items I’d never have thought of. I always save any outfit photos I see that I like in my “inspirations” folder and then use these to help me to put outfit choices together (like this recent outfit choice). I have recently started to include images and links to any inspiration behind my outfits.

5. To streamline the process for 2011 what is one new thing you can do to cut down your dressing time?

I am planning a massive Wardrobe Detox this weekend (come back for my series of planned posts on the process) that will hopefully streamline my whole wardrobe and thus help to make dressing much easier each morning.

How do you choose what to wear each morning? Do you plan your outfits in advance? A week in advance? A month in advance? Or do you just throw together whatever you find?

As always, remember to visit Katy’s blog to read the other contributions to this week’s Friend Friday conversation. And if you would like to get involved be sure to check this out.

Happy Friday!

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14 Responses to Friend Friday #23: I have nothing to wear

  1. Great answers, mine will be up in the morning! I am a non planner truthfully. I shall also be doing a wardrobe detox soon.Daisy Dayz HomeCross-Jones-Photography Home

  2. Shopgirl says:

    V, I'll be posting all about the detox this weekend (motivation depending!!). But in a nutshell – I have a 10-step plan for detoxing your wardrobe and will be following my progress! I'm hoping that by Monday morning I will have a lovely streamlined wardrobe! :)Chantele – I'll be over to check out your answers later 🙂

  3. Franca says:

    Like I already said over at my blog, i totally agree on repeats being totally fine. I work in a 90% female environment and I think still noone notices! If it's good, it's good, even if it's been good before!And detox sounds exciting!

  4. Wardrobe detox? Love it!!Stop by and say Hello:)Enter my Lulus Giftcard Giveaway!!♥

  5. Shopgirl says:

    Thank you for your comments.Love that I put it out there that I am planning a wardrobe detox! I HAVE to do it now!!Watch this space – the detox starts early tomorrow morning (expect photos and posts from tomorrow night!).

  6. We seem to have very similar outfit planning strategies. I also pick out my outfits while lying in bed and get style inspirations from others who own similar items. Great post!Kendra

  7. Hazel says:

    I think I have nothing to wear every single day….I plan to starting planning but that is as far as it goes!

  8. KT says:

    A wardrobe detox? Now you've got my undivided attention. What is that and how do I try it? I'll have to come back next week for the full scoop. – Katy

  9. Leia says:

    Wardrobe detoxes are so necessary!♥ Leia

  10. Can't wait to hear about your wardrobe detox! Woo! We all need help with that. 🙂 We sound similar in the sense that we plan outfits but it doesn't really ever work out!xoxo,Kimberly

  11. Veshoevius says:

    I want to hear about your wardrobe detox too! And I'm so glad to find another outfit repeater! High five lady!

  12. Linda W says:

    Ooh. A detox? Do tell!I'm beginning to think everyone is a repeater – and I'm happy to know it!The Auspicious Life

  13. Shopgirl says:

    Detox has been done folks and I have now posted two of the five posts on the subject!! Go see them!! :)Let me know what you think!?Thank you for all of your lovely comments, as always 🙂 xx

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