How to… Choose a present for the man in your life:


This post is a part of Men’s Style Month on Sugar and Spice.

Buying present for a man if the bane of many a woman’s life. Clothes don’t seem to have the same sort of appeal that they do to another woman and men don’t really tend to “accessorise”. Top of most men’s wish lists is the latest gadget which more often than not is somewhat more than we had budgeted for. So, what do you buy?

Here are my five top tips to a stress-free present buying experience:

1. Take him shopping. Sounds silly? But I have actually discovered quite a few ideas for presents for the boyf simply by walking him through a few stores and him stopping to point out things he likes.

2. Steal his amazon wish list. Or ask him for it! Most men I know have one and they provide a very easy solution to the what-so-I-buy-him dilemma!

3. Book a hotel somewhere you both really want to visit. Or a train ticket. Or a flight. You get a break too! Or a ticket to a gig you’ve both been wanting to go it?

4. Cook for him. Not like you do every other night of the year! Make a really special meal. Maybe you sampled an amazing meal on holiday together and you could replicate it? Or just a combination of his favourite dish, favourite dessert and favourite bottle of wine?

5. Vouchers. If you’re really stumped, everyone always appreciates a voucher that means they can choose exactly what they really want.

What do you choose when you’re shopping for the man in your life?


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