Horoscope fashion: Your style written in the stars

Having read The Clothes Whisperer’s post on her fashion horoscope over at the Telegraph online, I decided to grab a coffee and check mine out too:


Taureans and vintage go together beautifully. There’s something about a pleated silk blouse or a floral skirt that appeals to the sign’s strong sense of nostalgia. While the rest of the zodiac rocks fierce primary colours, Taurus will happily stick to washed-out nudes and neutrals. Smoky lavender and barely-there rose are firm favourites. As for accessories, 1970s floppy hats (as seen at Alberta Ferretti, right) and rope espadrilles burnish the mood perfectly. Not that Taureans are saps; far from it. With one eye on the material world, they like the real deal when it comes to jewellery: gold and emerald gets them glittering.

A typically Taurean Lily Allen in cream silk

What do you think? Do you think this describes my style?

You, too, can check out your Fashion Horoscope at the Telegraph online.


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