Sale shopping

I always feel bad when just days after my family have shown such considerable generosity, I am dashing off to the shops to hit the sales. My darling grandmother has in recent years, given me money for Christmas, so that I might treat myself to something in the sales from her. Last year, I bought myself a pair of ankle boots that I have worn nearly to death for the past twelve months (you can see them here, here and here!). This year, I hit the Marks and Spencer sale early and managed to grab a wonderful long cable knit gilet that I had lusted after when it was full price. There were just two left. Both in my size. It was a sign! It has been keeping me warm all day:

What do you think?

I am wearing: Marks and Spencer gilet, Dorothy Perkins scarf, Asos dress, M&S tights and Topshop pumps.

How do you feel about sales shopping at this time of year? Is it just a bit of fun and I should get over myself and get back out there? Or is it a sign of the materialistic world in which we live? I can’t decide whether it is a good or a bad thing!

One things for sure, if – like me – you seem to have a fair few friends and family with birthdays in January and are feeling all spent out after Christmas, the sales are a great place to pick up something a little bit special for a little bit less. I also always buy my Christmas cards in the sale and a few new tree decorations and then come December next year, that is a few things I don’t have to worry about!


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5 Responses to Sale shopping

  1. Franca says:

    I think the sales are great if you need something, but often they cajole you into buying something you don't actually want just because it's cheap. I also hate the way shops look when the sales are on, and the crowds. I usually do my sale shopping online, but so far i have resisted completely! Proud of myself!

  2. Stacy says:

    love it, so perfect

  3. Melissa says:

    You look fantastic.I think if you can afford it, don't worry about it. Sales can be very good things! 🙂

  4. Shopgirl says:

    Thank you ladies. Was a little sure about the gilet but will wear it with pride now 🙂

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