How to… Wear a Tux (as a woman!)

This post is a part of Men’s Style Month on Sugar and Spice.


The tux seems to be the fashion forward look of choice for red carpet events. Here are my tips for rocking a tux as a woman:

  • Keep the jacket short/cropped;

  • If you are daring enough – go bare under your tux jacket!

  • Go all out and add a trilby;

  • For a real impact, choose a white tux, like Stella McCartney above;

  • Wear heels;

  • Accessorise – add a bit on bling in the shape of a cocktail ring or some statement earrings – to keep the “look” feminine.

Would you choose a tux over a dress for an event or party? How would you style it?

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4 Responses to How to… Wear a Tux (as a woman!)

  1. Adorngirl says:

    good trend spotting my favourite from the line up is Leighton, unfortunately she doen't get it right that often, this look is laid back, and cool.

  2. Hazel says:

    This is such a cool look! Stella does it best! I'd love to wear a tux but the last time I did I was mistaken for a man… time to rethink that outfit!

  3. Kimberlee says:

    I wore one to prom! hehe I'm a big fan of women wearing menswear 🙂 I would wear a feminine blouse with some great heels!

  4. Mrs Bossa says:

    Ah, the Annie Hall look is a classic! Gotta say, though, I love how Stella dresses – it's a look I'm aiming for when I'm a proper grown-up… 😉

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