Wardrobe Basics #8: Little Black Dress

The Wardrobe Basics series considers those items that form the foundation of a fully functioning wardrobe. They are those pieces that will go with anything else that you might add to your wardrobe and those pieces that you go back to season after season. This series takes each of those Basics and discusses their importance and where to buy them, for every budget. You can see the previous Basics in this series here.
This week’s Basic is the LBD. It is your go-to dress for any ocassion when you can’t find or afford a new outfit. Add new pair of heels or a piece of statement jewellery and you have a different look every time!

SPEND: ASOS Exaggerated Bow Shoulder Dress

SPLURGE: Whistles Marline Dress

Do you have a go-to LBD in your wardrobe? (I have more than one… or two!! Shh!)


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One Response to Wardrobe Basics #8: Little Black Dress

  1. Sparx says:

    I have one or two… although I have to say I used to have loads and loads… but they were all, ahem, for young people… ie there wasn't exactly much to them. My LBD's now have big cover-up factor built in!

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