Happy Christmas Eve everyone!! Are you all ready now? Today, it’s time to open the last door of the virtual advent calender:

Behind the door is Susie of bargainista fashionista. I only discovered Susie’s blog recently but I have no idea how I lived without it before. In her own words: “I love fashion. And I love a bargain, too. I’m a bargainista fashionista. This blog is about my bargain buys – and about affordable ‘real time’ fashion. If I’ve seen it in the shops and you’ve seen it on my blog, you can buy it right now.” As everyone who reads this blog regularly will know, I am all about a bargain!!

I asked Susie:

How long have you been blogging and why did you first start?

I’ve been blogging for nearly two years now. I started in February 2009. The reason? I wanted a creative outlet that I could call my own – to write and to be creative with my photography. Plus, subconsciously, I probably wanted a bonafide excuse to shop. Now I can justify my shopping habit to my husband, the Stickman, by saying, ‘It’s for the blog…’!

What inspires you?

The people I work with, my friends, street style, magazines, the designer collections and other bloggers. It was Susie Bubble’s blog,, that inspired me to start blogging.

What do you get up to when you’re not blogging?

Work, sleep and eat! Oh, and shop, of course – I’m always on the hunt for a bargain. The blog does take a fair bit of my spare time. Luckily, I’ve got the Stickman on board as photographer now so it’s become more of a shared hobby.

What three things are top of your Christmas list this year?

1. A piece of Alex Monroe jewellery. He’s one of my favourite jewellery designers.

2. An iPhone 4. I’m fed up of waiting for the elusive white version to come out now.

3. A case for my laptop. It’s got to be stylish – and a bargain. Well, actually, if it’s a gift, maybe not!

Christmas is all about family and traditions, what traditions do you have for Christmas?

The Stickman’s family have a fondue on Christmas Day; a meat one, not cheese, where marinated meats are cooked in a fondue of hot oil. Secretly, I heart turkey and all the trimmings, but the dauphinoise potatoes just about make up for it.

Plus, each year, my friend Em and I buy a Christmas decoration for each other’s tree. My tree is all glass and glitz, hers is more crafty and fun.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed the blogger profiles that have been featured here for the past 12 days. Let me know, would you like to see more? I have been considering making it a monthly feature. What do you think?

If you’ve missed the other profiles you can find them here.

Now tell me, what are your traditions on Christmas Eve?


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