Oh my! Only five days until Christmas!!!! Excited? Much?! Shall we see who is behind the twentieth virtual door? Ok:

It’s Amanda, the Online Stylist of 40 Not Out! 40 Not Out is a celebration of life beyond 40 in a wonderful mix of fashion lusts and celebrity fashion. I always always look forward to Amanda’s Wardrobe Watch posts and her Meh… Or Yeah! posts. Amanda has a wonderful eye for and sense of style. She has such an enthusiasm for fashion that is just infectious! Go check out her writing at 40 Not Out and I can guarantee you’ll be hooked too!

For now though, check out Amanda’s responses to my questions:

How long have you been blogging and why did you first start?

I started back in May 2008 at my first blog 39 and Counting. I’d always wanted to write and in the run up to my fortieth year I thought a blog was the best solution as I knew there wasn’t a book in there! Having started Forty Not Out after the big birthday, it quickly became all about fashion.

What inspires you?

So many things – people I see in the street, magazines, other great blogs, shows like Gossip Girl and Sex And the City, movies, books especially glossy coffee table ones and shops. Even if I’m not shopping, I love to wander around the stores putting together outfits in my head.. or sometimes on myself in the changing rooms!

What do you get up to when you’re not blogging?

I have a five year old daughter and husband who keep me very busy! Weekends are often spent catching up with friends, doing DIY or just trying to have some quality family time. I love to read and watch movies.. it’s the only time I can stop my brain going into overdrive. Otherwise I’m at the computer writing for Upper Street or choosing clothes for Online Stylist clients!

What three things are top of your Christmas list this year?

Good food, good wine and family time! Apart from that I have asked for some Diptyque perfume and the SATC 2 DVD… even though it’s really quite bad! I can’t help but love SJP and the fashion!

Christmas is all about family and traditions, what traditions do you have for Christmas?

Decorations go up the first weekend in December, there has to be sherry on hand when wrapping presents, my daughter gets to choose a new tree decoration every year to add to the collection, I cook a ham on Christmas Eve and there has to be smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and Veuve Cliquot for breakfast on Christmas day!

Thank you so much Amanda, for agreeing to be involved and for answering my questions. Please can I come and have champagne with you?! Sounds perfect. You can see the other bloggers who have already been profiled here and come back the rest of this week for the final four bloggers too.


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One Response to ADVENT CALENDAR: DAY 20

  1. Thank you so much… love being featured here.. you know me and Christmas! Happy 20th December! xxx

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