How to… Dress when you’re petite

Kylie Minogue; Eva Longoria; Nicole Richie; and Vanessa Hudgens

At a mere 5’2″ and a bit I have to be careful when I dress that I don’t end up looking frumpy or drowned by my outfits! From a few comments I’ve received I realised that many of you find dressing when petite a challenge too, so I have come put together some of the “rules” I have found to work over the years:

1. Make sure you choose the right skirt length or the right heel height for the length of skirt, e.g. Shorter skirts and dresses suit a petite frame but if you want to wear this season’s midi length skirts make sure you add a higher heel.

2. Maxis can drown a petite frame but if you keep it simple and fairly figure-hugging it will work.

3. Heels, so I am told, are a petite girl’s best friend. I’m so not a heels girl but I do love the height they give me.

4. Tuck tops in.

5. Avoid cropped or capri pants as they will make you look frumpy and your legs appear shorter.

6. Stick to smaller prints as larger ones will make you look smaller.

7. Tops should be waist length as anything too long will shorten your legs. However, there is an exception to this rule: team a thigh skinny tunic with leggings and this will elongate your body and lengthen your legs. Team with heels for an added bonus!

8. Choose vertical stripes over horizontal, not only do they have the benefit of making you look slimmer they also make you look longer.

9. Avoid bulk and keep layers light.

10. Make sure, when shopping for a new winter coat this season, that it is not too bulky or loose – keep it nicely fitted and not too long.

Ultimately, BE YOURSELF! Don’t be afraid to experiment (and to get it wrong!).

What tips do you have for dressing for a petite frame? Or for your size in general? If you’d like to write a guest post, check this out.

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3 Responses to How to… Dress when you’re petite

  1. Kylie seems to get it right most of the time, and she is teeny tiny.. I have the issue of a large bust, great in some respects, but if I'm not too careful I can end up looking enormous, the key is not to wear anything smock like and to keep to V-necks wherever possible xxx

  2. Amber says:

    Great list honey being smaller than you at 5ft nothing, I agree totally. I would add that dressing all in one colour also helps alot as block colours can cut up the line of the look. Have a great day honey. axx

  3. LOVE all of these tips! I am 5'2 and struggle at times to elongate my frame. My favorite tip is #3. Heels are not my shoe of choice, but I love the height they give me as well!

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