Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

It all started last year when I spotted this (below) pink glitter star tree topper in Paperchase:
At that moment I just knew that this year’s tree would be covered in pink (and silver). I thought that the boyf would turn his nose up at the rather girly decorations, however he actually said he thought the tree looked lovely! Wonders will never cease!

The pink themed continued when I found some rather lovely tiny pink baubles in the Habitat sale last January:

But I decided that for the sake of the boyf I would stick with silver for the rest. Finding these rather pretty silver stars (again in Paperchase):

However, then my sister got wind of the pink and silver theme and went a little mad on the pink decorations! Including these very pretty bows:

It wouldn’t be Christmas without edible decorations on the tree:

Have you put your tree up yet? When do you do it? What “theme” will you be going for?

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4 Responses to Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

  1. Rach says:

    awww beautiful, we're having a gold and red theme this year x

  2. Helen G. says:

    Ah! Where did you get the pink bows?? Do they come in any other colors?

  3. OMG I LOVE the decorations they have in Paperchase every year… it's my favourite place!Love your tree, the pink is very kitsch.x

  4. Shopgirl says:

    Helen – Paperchase – again! Sorry, forgot to tell you.Walk The Sand – I want everything in Paperchase every time I go in!!

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