Something For The Weekend: Advent Arrives Again

Sources: we heart it; and me!

This weekend really does feel like the start of Christmas for me. This year’s Christmas is tinged with a little sadness as my beloved grandma remains very ill in hospital but it has been heart-warming to see all of our family coming together which is what this time of year is all about for me.

Christmas is the time of year for spending time with family and good friends. There is nothing better and no better tonic than laughing with friends, don’t you think?

Sources: (right and left) The Sartorialist; and (centre) Garance Doré

This week, I have been dreaming of a White Christmas and have been forced to abandon all of my pretty shoes in an attempt to dress sensibly for the wintry weather.

Unlike most people, I have never had a chocolate advent calendar… ever! My father always used to buy my sister and me a religious calendar each December in an attempt to remind us what the season was really about. As an adult, I haven’t immediately dashed out and bought myself a chocolate advent calendar – mainly because I think I’d probably end up eating the lot on 1st December! Instead, I have chosen an advent candle:

How do you mark advent in your house?

I’ve also begun to get out all of my Christmas decorations in preparation of decorating my flat and tree next week. My theme this year is pink and silver (the boyf is not totally on board with this but he will see):

Decorations from a selection at Habitat; Paperchase; and Marks and Spencer.

When will your tree and decorations go up?

I’ve been dropping serious hints at home about what I would like to find in my stocking this Christmas…


No! Not a diamond ring. But an egg blue box might be nice…

I am seriously coveting this lux ear cuff from next season for River Island which would do all the talking for an outfit!

Speaking of luxury, you might remember that a few weeks ago I asked, How do you define luxury? Well, I almost forgot that my answers are available in The Simply Luxurious Life’s newsletter for you to read. What do you think? How do you define luxury?

This week I have also been itching to do some DIY fashion. I just need to get myself down to John Lewis for supplies! First up is this DIY Pom Pom Headband and this DIY tutorial for a full skirt. For now, though, I might satisfy the “itch” with the simpler task of adding a few gold buttons to the sleeves of my black knit dress.

I’ve been enjoying wrapping up warm in this wintry weather as the snow begins to fall and wearing my new favourite thing: my faux fur hat. Everything looks so much prettier in the snow, don’t you think?

I wish it would snow enough to get a tabogan out. I remember so many happy hours as a child, trudging up a hill, just to sledge down it and then trudge back up it again and do it all over again, and again, and again:


Finally, for advice on taking snow photos if you’re out and about this weekend, you can find tips here.
Hope you all have a very happy weekend whatever you’re doing.

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One Response to Something For The Weekend: Advent Arrives Again

  1. Love the fur hat!!! I always cannot wait for advent and the chocolate calendar 🙂

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