Paris: traffic stopping action

As mum and I made our way up to Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre we happened upon this scene:

Yes, that’s right, a couple snogging in the middle of the road, holding up all of the traffic! We had no idea what to think and neither did many of those watching. As the couple stepped out of their embrace the gathered crowd applauded (and the girl wiped her mouth!).

Then we saw the video cameras.

We waited as they filmed another take: the girl ran across the street towards the boy and then they were locked in a passionate embrace as a van and a Fiat 500 (my fav!) pulled up:

We couldn’t decide if it might be for a television series or for a film or for an advertisement. What do you think?

We also didn’t recognise the couple, anyone able to place these two?


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One Response to Paris: traffic stopping action

  1. Haha. How curious! When you find out I'd love to know what they were filming for- you never know, they might win an Academy Award one day! :DFlorrie x

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