Friend Friday #13: 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me


Greetings from Paris!

This week Katy – of Modly Chic – suggested that: “instead of questions on a specific topic [we] share 10 random facts that people might be surprised to know about you”.

So I started to think about all of the things you might not know about me. Hmmm. Not so easy, it turns out. But I did it:

1. I love period dramas. Particularly BBC ones and in particular their Pride & Prejudice. I am currently addicted to ITV1’s Downton Abbey.

2. I always wanted to be taller. And still do. At only 5’2″ I am always the shortest of all of my friends and have always wanted to be a few inches taller.

3. I’m part-Polish. My grandfather – who we call “dziadzio” – came to Britain during WWII and, after meeting my darling nana, never left. I, however, have never been to Poland really feel I ought.

4. I am a complete gourmand (and so is the boyf!). The absolute best thing about holidays (or birthdays or weekends or anytime) is the food. Whatever else we do, we always eat well.

5. I am hugely afraid of spiders. It’s not rational and I literally scream until the offending insect is removed. Same goes for wasps – but I am braver with them.

6. Baked beans on toast – despite what I said above – is my absolute favourite meal. I lived on it for four years as a student!

7. I have a secret Monica-esque messy place – for all of the stuff that doesn’t have a home in my home.

8. Straightners are – in my humble opinion – THE single best invention… EVER! Until I bought my first pair I spent 19 years looking like Monica in Barbados!

9. I have a (not so) secret obsession with Friends and have seen every episode at least twice – some probably at least 10 times!!

10. I used to want to be an artist and actually painted some half decent pictures – one of which still hangs in my grandparents’ living room.

Now, tell me something about you?

Friend Friday is brought to you every week by Katy of Modly Chic. You can visit her blog to read the other contributions to this week’s topic or to get involved yourself.

Happy “Wear It Pink” Friday everyone!


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